Saturday, October 15, 2011

Delhi or Death!

It's fall break.
The monsoon's done and cabin fever is pandemic.

Below are shots from the adventures of four Americans
and Anwar,
the best Indian friend we girls could ask for.

With our packs on our backs, we were ready to burst this Woodstock bubble and take on the capital city. With my new shades from Mom and Dad, I was not only looking fly but my game face was fixed and focused. After our pre-planned taxi decided to take another group instead, I bargained 100 rupees off the next driver's price and it was smooth riding down the mountain to the train station.

Hello Taj Mahal. Here, Indians tend to call it the "Taj Mahale." After reaching Delhi around 10:30 at night, we woke bright and early to catch a train to Agra where we would behold one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is named so in good reason.

On the right we have one of those classic photos of a few of my friends and the average Indian guy who wants a picture with some white girls. Sure I'll pose with you, hold your baby, and be in your holiday card.

To the left, the five of us are reenacting the event of our lives which happened right before reaching the Taj Mahal. We were riding the train to Agra and it was making its normal stops. One was particularly long and there was some confusion in our group as to where we were. Was this our stop? Should we get off here? I was along for the ride, thus took no part in finding an answer. When we finally figured out we were at our stop, the train was beginning to move. Time for action. We grabbed our things, bolted down the aisle, and were standing in the open doorway of the train, contemplating our next move. Acting on instincts, we followed each other over the edge like little sheep, thankfully not plummeting to our stony deaths. Never thought I'd live in India; never thought I'd jump off a moving train on vacation. And NEVER thought I'd live to tell.

Takin it down at Hard Rock Cafe! Living up on a mountain there are many things you cannot get simply because of your location. Living in India, beef is almost nonexistent... except in the Western hubs.
So when we went to Delhi we knew one place we were going to and just WHAT we were getting. One was sushi, the other a hamburger. It. Was. Glorious.

Who wouldn't want to shop at Awesome??? Anything you could buy there would most definitely be nothing less than the store's namesake. I got to buy beautiful fabrics for all sorts of projects for about $2.50 a yard. Not bad, not bad.