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Profile of a Student

Girls wearing their home country's traditional dress on Indian Independence Day

Students in Model UN

I think it's time you entered into the life of a student here at Woodstock. Here's a glimpse (by no means comprehensive!) at the student you may find hiking to school or playing their satyr on campus.

1. Profile of a student. So what kind of a student attends Woodstock?
Students who want (or whose parents want) top education for their child. Most students that go to Woodstock are Indian nationals or from nearby countries. All over SE Asia (not to mention the world, modestly) this school is known for its caliber in education. Take a look at these accolades:
  • Top International School in India, 2011
Woodstock website's article
Education World Online's article
  • Top 10 International Schools in the World, 2010 (according to the Asian Correspondent)
Asian Correspondent's article

These stats would make me want to send my child to this school.

Students whose parent or aunt or grandma have all gone here. They want this family member to experience the magic as well. Or maybe she just wants them to understand WHAT she means when she says, "Back when I lived through the monsoon......."

Students on scholarship, like a tenth grade girl I just met from Afghanistan. She won an award that gave her the opportunity to go to school at Woodstock. She firmly believes and understands her purpose is to get an education so she can go back and help in the healing work of her country.

Exchange students. SAGEs as they are called (Studies Abroad for Global Education). Students hear about this place through this program. Plus, Woodstock alumni are all over the world; thus the connections are simply endless.

2. A day in their life...a day in mine.
  • This school takes Marie Antoinette's rumored comment from the 18th century seriously: "Let them eat cake." Since these students LIVE here (most of them), there are snacks provided twice in the school day. I would have to say the snack that makes an appearance in the cafeteria bins most frequently is CAKE. No frosting on top, just cake. Chocolate, chocolate orange, pink, white, pineapple, no birthday, just CAKE.
  • In my 9th grade art class we just finished a unit on photography. Naturally we also learned how to edit our photos and had to work on computers. I'm walking around answering questions and solving the problems of the world when I look over at a few of my students and see them participating in an activity far from cropping and exposure alterations. Students, sitting RIGHT NEXT to each other, were SKYPING each other in my class. Right in front of me. During class time. Skyping. EXCUSE ME???!! I walk over and stand in front of one of their computers, being caught by the camera, and it's all over their screen. Needless to say, they didn't need to turn around to know who was looking sternly over their shoulder, VERY unamused.
  • All, let me tell you, ALL of their life is directed by bells. I can hear the slightly out of pitch sound of music "sol, mi, do" around 8:30 every night, probably signifying some sort of "last call to freedom" before the students are wrangled for bed.
  • WORK WORK WORK. Students here can be involved in SO many things without their mothers saying, "NO. You are NOT taking part in the de-worming stray dogs programme." So much of their life is filled with studying, being involved on campus, FILLING OUT COLLEGE APPS (everyone FREAK OUT!!), and being an all-around cool kid. Seriously, these students are pretty amazing and classroom management is almost nil. But I think it's extreme when your child is waking up at 4 am to finish h/w.

3. Stats.
Here are some stats from 2 years ago (2009-10). I believe last year they had about 523 students total.

Student Body Breakdown:
Elementary (PreK-5) 59
Middle School (6-8) 125
High School (9-12) 280
Students out on Exchange 4
Total 468
Boarders 401
Day Scholars 67
Boys 255
Girls 213

Passport Nationality:
SAARC Countries (256)
Afghanistan 1
Bhutan 12
India 193
Nepal 50

Rest of Asia (117)
Japan 11
Myanmar 1
South Korea 68
Taiwan, ROC 2
Thailand 23
Tibet 3
Vietnam 9

Rest of the World (95)
Australia 3
Canada 7
France 3
Germany 2
Italy 1
Mexico 1
Netherlands 1
Russia 1
South Africa 3
UK 5
USA 68

Religious Affiliation:
Christian 197
Buddhist 69
Hindu 121
Jain 2
Muslim 4
Sikh 11
Zoroastrian 1
Mixed 32
None stated 31

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