Sunday, July 17, 2011


I looked up at the clock tonight and it read 12:34 am. A good omen.

1. Best part of packing: Figuring out how to rid one of my suitcases of 30 of it lbs. to eventually make it down to the desirable 50 lbs. My mom (A HUGE THANK YOU TO HER!!!) would faithfully sit on top of a bag o stuff as I sucked every last bit of air out of the vacuum bags we stuffed to the brim with clothes, blankets, pillows, etc. Those vacuum bags ARE genius but the sneaky little devils deceive you into thinking you can pack MORRREEEEE. 30 lbs. more.

2. Fun fact: I will be bringing three pairs of boots with me: rain boots, snow boots, and hiking boots. All basically for their appropriate seasons. I've read there are 5 seasons in northern India: fall, winter, spring, summer, and MONSOON--in which I will be arriving just in time for...

3. Best part of going to bed tonight: I will not be drifting in and out of sleep while my dad pops caffeine pills and my mom tries to help keep him awake as we trek across three states in an epic relay to retrieve my PASSPORT. From Mt. Horeb, WI to Orange City, IA. Mind you this was just nine hours before we were supposed to take off for my sister's wedding in China...I am forever indebted to you Bobbie Allen, Amber Maloney, and Stephen Olson! Heros of the day.

I fly out at 2:45 pm from O'Hare and will arrive around 4:25 pm in New Delhi. Straight shot, 18 hours, bring it one baby.

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