Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Already In


First off, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all who have kept me in your thoughts and prayers over the past days and weeks. Before I left my heart was totally at peace (I was kind of shocked myself!) and things have gone quite well since we have arrived. PTL!

Here are a few glimpses into some of the experiences and SIGHT
S we have had just today. Click on the picture if you want to see it up close. Our group has been hanging out in Delhi since we arrived to acquire more staff before we head north to Mussoorie in the morning (the 21st).

1. PEOPLE. "Our group" that has been traveling together consists of: two student teachers from St. Olaf (music and history/theater majors) named Ingrid and Holly; myself and Shannon, a PE/Health teacher (both first-year teachers); our chaperons, Pete and Dot (worked at Woodstock for 9 years); and our driver. The seven of us jetted around Delhi in the above 90-degree weather seeing a few of the sites as well as returning with the city's smell soaked into our clothes. :/

2. LOOKING. This picture is a fantastic example of what many foreigners experience in India--the stare. We are constantly on stage, getting our picture taken, and even being watched while we eat dinner.

3. ELEPHANT: One of the places we got to see today was the Prime Minister's home and government complex. Book-ending the beginning of the path were two symmetrical elephant bushes. Super neat!

**BONUS...traffic lines on the roads are merely rough guidelines in India. Cars will pack in tightly, over and across lane lines, as they wait for a green light and motorcycles will find their way into the most mousy of spaces. And for autos from buses to motorcycles, if the road won't do it for ya, the sidewalk definitely will suffice!!

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