Saturday, September 22, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...HK style

For winter vacation this past year, I got to spend time in Hong Kong and mainland China with my sister, brother-in-law, and our parents. It was absolutely a blast.

As I jetted around Hong Kong, I took note of the things that made the city fantastic. Though these photos are not mine, I feel they successfully help express 5 of my favorite things...HK style:

1. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Clean. Reliable. Easy to manage. Everything I want in a boyfriend minus the lack of conversation.

2. THE YAM LADY on Nathan Road. She stood there cooking purple and yellow yams over a large steel dome basin on the sidewalk, dishing out the real Hong Kong street food to passersby. There are some of the CUTEST old people in HK. Their faces are fixed in a permanent frown, furrow, or smirk, telling the long, hard story of their life.

3. BABY BUNDLES. Hong Kong baby-mamas and daddies take their role of parenting seriously. It drops below 80 degrees: wear a sweater. It drops below 60, and it's time for the parka. There are tons of babies rolling around HK bundled up like it's blizzarding in their stroller. These sprouts resemble the Michelin Man, which keeps their uncontrollable limbs safely immobile.

4. EGG WAFFLES: another classic street food in Hong Kong. As a quick, on-the-go snack, we got two of these treats while on our way to the Christmas Eve service. The taste and texture could be likened to a cross between a funnel cake and an ice cream cone (minus the ice cream)?? Something like that. Read more about the egg waffle.

5. Getting my haircut at the "THE HAIR INN." The way HK and other cities like to structure their community living arrangements is unsurprisingly efficient (HK to me seems to be the trailblazer of all efficiency, or at least in comparison to India). Below the 30+ floor apartment highrises are the shops and services residents patronize. At the bottom of my sister's apartment is a salon called "The Hair Inn." Naturally, I was charmed by the shop's hilarious name and kind, really wanted to check the place out.

The salon atmosphere was taken straight from a scene in South Pacific, complete with tiki huts and hair washing. What blew its cover were the super-mod Asian hipsters slicing and dicing in the trendiest of hair-cutting form. The man who cut my hair was named Joey (a good choice for an easy-to-pronounce English name, and probably not his real one), and Joey meant business. Looking out from behind his black square thick-rimmed glasses, he was the John Wayne of the Asian West. Joey wore a legitimate holster to carry his tools and handled them like a pro. Not only that, but he wore his expertise on his head in what's called the bowl cut undercut (it's back!). What completed Joey's badass persona was the scar that started at the corner of his mouth and led up the side of his cheek, like the Joker from Batman. This place couldn't get any cooler.

After surrendering each hair on my head to the special attention of Joey's meticulous snip, I left my home-away-from-Hawaii ready to reconnect with the city on the cutting edge.


  1. I love the twine on the baby bundle. Ha!

  2. Hi gorgeous! I know you are almost done with your time in India, but I couldn't help but nominate your blog for this little award I'm participating in. It is hilarious and insightful and everything I love about Kaytay. Check it out here:

    Love ya!