Saturday, August 13, 2011

Living In the Clouds

1. Life in the clouds. Because it is monsoon season and because we live over 6,000 feet above sea level, most of our days in Mussoorie right now are lived like this. You walk outside your door and enter into this fairyland that drops off just beyond the ledge in front of you. We really cannot fathom WHERE we live because we cannot SEE it most of the time.

Let me explain.

The two top pictures are of a pathway down the mountain. On a clear October day, one would receive a SPLENDID few of the foothills and their valleys from these vantage points. Not so in monsoon! We literally watch the clouds roll in and are enveloped by them 6/7 days per week.

2. Ferns grow on TREES??! Yes they do. This season doesn't only turn Mussoorie into a magical fairyland, but a wild, jungley one at that. Sidewalks get sprinkled with bleach every now and then to keep the slippery moss from taking out a student (make sure you roll your pants up...). The walk to school is beautiful due to a profusion of foliage growing out of EVERYTHING. Take a look at those ferns growing out of the bark on trees! I have heard that once the ferns start turning, monsoon will soon come to an end.

3. On sunny days...On the rare occasion when there is a clear, sunny day, some of my friends here at Woodstock and I head out on the town to the bazaar. Well, actually, whether or not it is sunny, we still go, but on this day it happened to be pleasantly bright outside! So my roommate Shannon, Lindsay (the Senior School band teacher from Fargo, ND), and I trekked into town with the hopes of picking up my sari for Indian Independence Day which is this upcoming Monday, August 15. As a national holiday, we will celebrate by decking ourselves in Indian dress, attending a flag raising ceremony at 10:15 and then feasting on local chefs' food for lunch in the Quad, a school gathering area. More pictures to come!

Me, Lindsay, and Shannon at the Clocktower Cafe--
the local "American-food" dive.

Lindsay, me and the incredible mountains in back!

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